The Safeguarding Commission primarily works within the Church in Malta. However, we also offer support to other organisations through policy development, training, and risk assessments on individuals against who an allegation was made. Our aim is to support you to create a positive and safe environment for minors and vulnerable adults. 

The Safeguarding Commission is made up of the Safeguarding Advisory Board, the Head of Safeguarding, the Safeguarding Office, and the Safeguarding Review board.

The Safeguarding Advisory Board is composed of six experienced professionals, including a paediatrician, psychiatrist, social workers, and a warranted clinical psychologist. They are assisted by a lawyer.

The Head of Safeguarding is responsible for overseeing the Safeguarding Office, serves as the primary liaison with the Maltese Episcopal Conference and the Conference of Major Religious Superiors, and is the direct link between all Church Entities, the statutory authorities and the Safeguarding Commission.

The Safeguarding Office is formed of a group of professionals subdivided in three different teams. These teams are the prevention and training team, the victim care and advocacy team and the investigation and assessment team.

The Safeguarding Review Board is composed of four members set up by the Maltese Episcopal Conference to be used on an ad hoc basis. Safeguarding Review Board – Maltese Ecclesiastical Province (